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You came to this site in order to learn about the culture of cryptocurrencies. On this page you will get acquainted with Tron(Trx) Tron is one of the most ambitious and controversial projects of 2017. The startup has far-reaching plans to conquer the entertainment industry, there are many critics and already the 13th place in the rating of cryptocurrencies by capitalization. What do you need to know about Tron, why is it being scolded and what kind of profit can it bring to an investor? What is the essence of the project? Collect all the entertainment available on the Internet, remove censorship, add blockchain and smart contracts and get a general idea of our hero of the day. This is in short. Tron is conceived as a distributed network for the free exchange of content between users, as well as the development and launch of entertainment applications. What can be done on this platform: upload, store, transfer, rent or receive any content: images, videos, documents, etc.; support interesting projects, as they say, with rubles, as well as likes, reposts, comments; deploy a decentralized application based on the network, from a small program to a large multiplayer game; distribute content and launch applications without regard to state prohibitions; get the Tron cryptocurrency as a reward for posting content; sell content without losing money on the services of intermediaries like Google Play and without experiencing competitive pressure from large companies; issue your own tokens; participate in the management of the network by voting, available to holders of Tron coins. How is Tron better than Ethereum and its analogues? You can start with the fact that a narrower range of tasks has been chosen for the project – it is focused on entertainment. Therefore, the developers focused on adapting the blockchain to work with this kind of information and convenience for both content creators and its consumers. What is even more important is the bandwidth. Ethereum is already seriously losing to Tron in this parameter – the "Ether" network processes about 25 transactions per second. At Tron, this indicator has already reached 2 thousand operations per second, according to the information on the official website of the startup. However, Ethereum does not stand still and in the next year or two it also promises to show improvements in this characteristic. And don't forget about other analogues, including EOS. Another important difference from Ethereum is the consensus algorithm. Tron initially does not use the already obsolete PoW (checking that mining has been carried out). The choice of developers fell on DPoS-a delegated proof of stake. The blocks are validated by 27 super representatives, who are elected by the holders of Tron coins through a democratic vote. In this way, developers achieve the expansion of scaling capabilities and achieve high network bandwidth. The Throne The Throne The algorithm for proving the share, of course, looks more promising than the good old PoW, from which Ethereum itself is trying to quietly crawl away. However, many representatives of the crypto community also look at DPoS with skepticism, because they believe that because of it, it will be more difficult to make the cryptocurrency decentralized. For example, Vitalik Buterin notes: the fewer full nodes (nodes) engaged in block validation, the easier it is to calculate, attack or disable them by order of the government. In the case of Tron, there are only 27 of them, and if we take into account Buterin's arguments, the risk of disconnecting all nodes and completely stopping the network is quite high. But the developers of Tron, obviously, do not consider it critical. By the way, one of these 27 super-representatives-operators of full Tron nodes in July 2018 was Justin Sun. He will receive a reward for participating in the validation of blocks. Justin vowed to donate all the coins obtained by such hard work to the development of his startup. More....
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